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Fifty Shades Entertainment is a media production company that creates content, film, podcasts, events and prison reform.

How many gangsters reach the top of the game and walk away without life in jail, being removed in a body bag, or snitching and going into Federal witness protection?


You know what they say... the book is always better than the movie! Big challenges, Big dreams, Big hustle...Big Fifty!


Go beyond the movie with Wahida Clark Presents Innovative Publishing bringing Street Lit to True Crime with this one-of-a-kind tale based on the life and rise of a real American gangster, Delrhonda Hood in "A Hood Tale: Beyond B.E.T. With Big Fifty!

Gritty, uplifting, and empowering, this juicy true-life tale takes readers through Delrhonda overcoming her childhood trauma, navigating her loss of innocence and how it led to carving out an empire in the violent criminal underworld of Detroit! With her action-packed emotional journey, Delrhonda Hood proves that some queens rise from the concrete!


Go beyond the B.E.T. film for a look at the life, logic and lessons of an American Gangster Trap Queen!


A refreshingly unapologetic and thought-provoking thrill ride, "A Hood Tale: Beyond B.E.T. With Big Fifty" takes you past the Hollywood glamour to the unforgiving hood that made other Detroit legends like the Flenory Brothers of Black Mafia Family fame and the infamous Purple Gang! Inspiring and insightful, it's perfect for fans of "Becoming", "Finding Me" and "Orange is the New Black".


Image by Doug Zuba

Delrhonda Hood

.....affectionately known as Big Fifty. Born on 10/28/1965 to Joann and Willie Hood. Raised in Detroit, Michigan. She has had her fair share of struggles coming up in the streets of Detroit, from sexual abuse, drug dealing, prison time; but her core strength has always been Big Fifty's prevailing source.

Who is Big Fifty?

Well, it depends on who you ask. If you are asking family, friend, or foe. To her family, she's the leading Matriarch. To her friends around the world, she's the Godmother. To her foes? Well, their opinion doesn't matter.

A real possessor of power is one who knows how to be feared and loved at the same time, and yet still hold a crown of success. Big Fifty reached her Queen-success. Big Fifty reached her Queen-like status and gained such a high level of respect from honoring the game, and simply taking no s**t.

Fifty shades carries a different meaning to a powerful source like Big Fifty. One shade of Big Fifty is the nurturing motherly figure. Another shade is the Queen-like figure who gives orders.

Another shade is the female soldier who enforces the orders. Another shade is the taker. Another shade is the giver; And the list goes on and on. Fifty Shades is an understatement. It's more like Fifty+ Shades because her reign doesn't stop.

A reformed street hustler, now making a breakthrough in many legitimate fields -- Entertainment, Socialism, Economics, and even Political.

The Powerhouse

Big Fifty is a real powerhouse. An advocator for the soarina LGBTQ+ and the the soaring LGBTQ+ and the ATRISKTEEN organization. From appearances on T.V. docu-series (Trap Queens), to movies (Da Bottom, One Mo Flip, DeIrhonda Hood Story), to books (Delrhonda Hood Bio), to radio shows (Breakfast Club, Vent Radio).

The Big Fifty movement will provide you knowledge of all shades - - Business, Social, Cultural, Political, etc. Browse into the life of Big Fifty where you'll receive authenticity and truth in its purest form. What you seek, you shall find; and what you find, you shall keep.
Enjoy the experience!

Stay tuned for Big Fifty's "One Of A Kind" wigs and a new marijuana strain that will take you to heights you've never reached. Also, coming soon is Big Fifty's new podcast "Clear It Up w/ Big Fifty". The reign doesn't stop!


Phone: (734) 777-1500
Calls available between 10am-6pm (EST)
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